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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

About This Blog

You don't have to look very far to realize that almost everyone has a food blog. Some of them list favorite restauarants (and others least favorite). Some tell you what the blogger is having for dinner tonight. Some list recipes that the blogger has never actually made before, but that sound like they would taste good. Others supply ideas for eating within the bounds of a specific diet or regimen.

For my family, food is art. We're snobs. We use very little Cream of Mushroom soup. Food is how we celebrate, why we congregate, and the one place where we all participate. We try to eat in ways that make us healthy, but it's even more important to eat in ways that make us happy.

There's nothing pathological about it, at least nothing that has been diagnosed so far by qualified professionals. We eat together almost every night. We try to make every meal a special occasion. We want our kids (along with the friends and family we invite to join our table) to find joy in the time together. It's a way for us to learn more about the world. It's a way for us to have extraordinary adventures right in our kitchen. There's a story for every meal, and this is where we intend to tell them.

We want to share that with you. We'll include recipes, restaurant experiences, cooking tips, and thoughts and feelings about food. And we invite you to plunge right in and talk with us.

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