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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Garden Grows

You can see that the girls' garden has grown quite a bit in the past couple of weeks. We've had a crazy life recently and didn't go over to see its progress as often as we wanted to. When we paid a visit on Monday night, we were surprised by how much had changed!

It's been unusually rainy here this month. Lou waters the garden by flood irrigation. For the girls, one of the best parts of having this garden is splashing around in the water (even though it's freezing cold and the weather hasn't really been hot enough to compensate yet). But Lou skipped this week's watering turn because there wasn't any need for it. It's rained almost every day, which is highly unusual for any time of year in Utah.

The girls were especially pleased because we actually had our first harvest of the summer from this garden. The radishes were ready! We also learned what happens when you don't thin enough; they mature, but don't grow very big. I don't think the girls even like radishes much, but they were very excited to reap their own harvest.

Here's Jenny with her radish bouquet.

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